Wooden Stands

Wooden stands are promotion stands which enable using more materials and details than other workings in terms of design. They are preferred by reason of being fair promotion stands by which each application required as exhibition and visually can be performed according to the desires of the companies.

In terms of application, melamine coated chipboard or raw chipboard materials are main application materials in wooden stands. The design is enriched by applying details such as glass shelves, foil coating, digital printing, vinyl printing, dye into these designs.

Melamine coated chipboard application is an application completed rapidly by reason of not requiring materials such as dye and plasterwork in wooden design stands. Visual richness can be increased by performing various dressings by foil and digital printing.

The color desired can be applied indeterminately in the applications performed with raw chipboard. Visuality is enriched with foil and digital printing also in these designs.